hopartbrewery.com | Hop Art Brewery producing craft beer and real ale
We are an artisan craft beer brewery producing specialist real ales in the Craft Town of Farnham
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We’re here to brew great beer

Hop Art are a new artisan brewery in Blacknest village near the Craft Town of Farnham. Our real ales are at the leading edge of the craft beer movement, raising the bar to new standards.

How do we do it?

Our real ale recipes are skilfully developed, without compromise, to produce the finest beers possible. The styles we have chosen are reinterpreted with our own hoppy twist to produce modern craft beer classics.

Why Hop Art

We believe in the art of beer making. We also believe we are witnessing a craft beer movement, perhaps even a revolution. We are determined to play our part in this new, exciting time with our special school of creative beer craft.

Hoppy Innovations

To achieve our desired balance of hoppy flavour and aromas in our ale, whilst finely controlling the level of bittering, has required some innovation. We have developed our own parallel late hopping process to produce these results, we like to call it ‘HopFusion’

Our Brew Plant

The modern 10 BBL brewery plant has been custom designed for our requirements. It has been manufactured and installed by a leading UK brewing consultant and engineering company with many years experience in both small and large installations.

The Beers

Our range of craft beers offer a great choice of favourite classics that we have given our own special twist. Each is true to the style whilst giving a little Hop Art extra.

Our Vision

We just want to make fantastic beer, the sort we would like to drink ourselves. We do not want to be constrained by anyone’s definition of good beer or real ale. To us it’s just great beer, whether cask, keg, craft beer, real ale or bottle.

What is 'Craft Beer'

We’re often asked “what is craft beer?” Well craft means something made with skill, by hand, and to the highest standards. It also implies the craftsman has full control over the final product. Only a small, artisan brewery can do this with beer.

News + Reviews

It’s early days but we are generating great feedback already. We are very grateful for all the support and encouragement and delighted at the acknowledgment.

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Current core beers

These beers are available in cask condition form. They can be supplied in 9 gallon firkin or polypin

Hoppy Blonde
Refreshingly hoppy, light and zesty
Golden IPA
Heady hop-charged and full of flavour
Ruby Kiss red ale
Sweet kisses of hoppy fruit with malty sweetness

Seasonal and special beers

These beers are available seasonally in cask but may be available in bottle. Please check beer description page

Hoppist Abbey Dubbel
Belgian Abbey Double style, strong, malty luxurious treat
Quince Saison
Unfiltered, unfined vegan friendly fruit beer
US Amber
Full throttle, American style hoppy amber ale, power with finesse
Ginny Porter
Rich smooth porter with some Juniper piney fruit spice
Insanely hoppy red craft ale

Our Beer Archive

These beers are not currently scheduled to be produced again in the short term

Red Cap amber red ale
Malty caramel sweetness combine with floral hoppy notes
Hop Art Porter
Dark porter with coffee and chocolate warmth
Flemish style red, deep, malty and complex
A fruit cocktail of a beer, simply stunning
Ruby Ruby Ruby
Candied, malty sweetness with exotic fruity accents